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Kimberly Jones is the embodiment of ambition, resilience, and a commitment to making an impact. Her journey is a testament to her unwavering dedication and multifaceted talents.

At the helm of Consult with Kim, Kimberly serves as a CEO with an unmatched ability to strategize and execute. Kim has a proven Executive management track record and 10 years of experience driving forward-looking strategy and evolution in the music industry. The mother of two served as President of 5th Amendment Entertainment and 100 Entertainment, overseeing the label roster distribution,  administration, management, touring and inaugurating joint ventures with Entertainment One [One] Music, Cash Money West and Virgin Music Group.

Kimberly is a licensed real estate broker with specialized services for investors, buyers and sellers in California, Georgia and Florida markets. Her formidable partnership with Claudienne Hibbert and Elena Cardone reinforces her commitment to excellence.

Kimberly received her certification as a Transformational and Trauma-Informed coach. Her piloted curriculum, The Love Journey offers a fresh outlook on enriching personal and professional development to increase self-awareness and performance, including satisfaction with your life.Through a myriad of entrepreneurial ventures, her passion for uplifting others is evident in her nonprofit organization, Spiritually Provoked and The Love Journey, and her role as a life coach, guiding independent artists and budding entrepreneurs toward success.
Kimberly Jones is a force to be reckoned with, inspiring and empowering visionaries to claim ownership of their dreams, turning them into prosperous and fulfilling realities. Her story is one of relentless determination and unyielding ambition, compelling us all to reach for greatness


In this personalized one-hour coaching call, Kimberly will provide expert insights, tailored advice, and empowering strategies to help you navigate the complexities of relationships, boost self-love, and foster a deeper connection with yourself and others. Elevate your journey to love with Kimberly's wisdom and experience, as she empowers you to create a path towards lasting fulfillment and genuine connections.


Kimberly brings a powerful and dynamic presence, creating an immersive experience that goes beyond the ordinary. Whether it's an impactful keynote, an interactive workshop, or a thought-provoking panel discussion, Kimberly's transformative insights will leave a lasting imprint on your audience. Don't just host an event; host a transformative experience that inspires, empowers, and sparks meaningful change.

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